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The Inno Food exhibition, organized by the Cluster Food & Nutrition, showcases local and global food initiatives while addressing social and environmental challenges related to nutrition. Aligned with the innovative agri-food strategy of the canton of Fribourg, the event promoted a systemic and collaborative approach. This edition featured culinary experiences, workshops, and presentations focusing on innovation.


During this event, Fud Läb has crafted a menu using various products from cluster members in an unexpected and innovative manner. The goal is to introduce or reintroduce regional and/or innovative products from our partners.

As chefs we believe that such collaborations with innovative products and producers is the key to a sustainable future in terms of food.

Designer's Table is a tableware design research project proposed by Studio Raphaël Lutz, the design office that created the dish for the Swiss Bocuse d'Or 2017 team, and, an innovation laboratory located in Ecublens.

Every year since 2017, Raphaël designs a new collection proposing innovative ways of eating with his concept of augmented gastronomy.

He establishes new dialogues between the individual, their meal, and the objects that enable them to eat.

We've had the honor of participating in several Designer's Table dinners, where we crafted menus inspired by these objects, as well as the concept behind them.

Designer’s table website

HyperAktiv website

Raphael Lutz website

The Fud Läb kitchen trailer offers a complete and mobile kitchen logistics solution. With more than 30m2 of professionally equipped surface, the trailer allows a great flexibility as much by its space, the material at disposal as by its mobility.

Equipped with a gas and electricity connection (32 or 64 amps), a walking fridge of about 9m3, as well as a covered hydraulic platform allowing an easy access and an additional working surface. This work tool is multi-functional and lends itself to any type of event.

The kitchen can be rented with or without a kitchen crew. More information in the PDF below.


  • Gaz stove 6 burners + Electric oven
  • Gaz flat top smooth plancha
  • Salamander double heating zone
  • Double gaz fryer 14L + 14L
  • Hot pass with undercounter plates hot cabinet 2 slinding doors
  • Hot double shelve bridge
  • Electric Combi oven 6 trays Gn1/1 connected to water
  • Oven stand + double rack Gn 1/1
  • Undercounter fridge Gn1/1  2 doors + 2 drawers (volume 224L)
  • Extraction hood stainless steel / filter typeB


  • Working table + left side sink and undercounter shelve
  • Undercounter fridge Gn1/1  4 doors (volume 443L)
  • Hanging sliding doors cabinet
  • Cold pass with 2 undercounter shelves
  • Standing Freezer Gn 2/1 (650L)
  • Blast freezer 6 Gn trays 1/1
  • Working station cabinet 2 sliding doors and 3 drawers
  • Hanging sliding doors cabinet
  • Customized walking fridge ( around 9m3 )
  • Handwash sink
  • Ice cube machin 30kg capacity

Qchef invites up-and-coming chefs as well as esteemed Michelin-starred professionals, to participate in its exclusive month-long residency program. Fud Läb had the privilege of being invited to the second edition of this prestigious event, which took place at "le Stamm" within the QOQA HQ premises in Bussigny, Switzerland. Following in the footsteps of the renowned chef Guy Ravet, Fud Läb expertly curated a menu that drew inspiration from the distinct flavors and ingredients found in a diverse selection of beers.

Malted shortbread / Caramelized onion with amber beer / Egg yolk condiment

Zander gravlax / Homemade beer vinegar and West Coast ale vinaigrette / Mandarin  Stout brioche

Onion, cabbage, and beer consommé / Bacon foam / Gratinated mussel

Swiss pork rib in spent grain casserole / Creamy pork jus infused with hay / Sautéed seasonal vegetables

70% chocolate sorbet / Coffee beer / Coffee cocoa crumble

Apple / Beer / Caramel


We invited children between the ages of 6 and 13 for a 4 course tasting menu.

With this project, we wanted to take our young guests through a sensory and creative experience during which they could experiment with different tastes, textures and cooking techniques.

The idea is to treat the young generation as the actors and consumers of tomorrow's culinary univers.

For "Driving the Human" a Berlin-based Art festival, Fud Läb pitched an entire menu created by AI.

"The speed at which the ideas, innovations and inventions are emerging on the back of artificial intelligence has no historical precedent and is fundamentally disrupting everything in the human ecosystem." 
Jayshree Pandya

The idea is to question whether technology could ever outperform human knowledge and creativity in relation to food. For this project, AI was considered as a sort of higher intelligence, a powerful force that goes beyond our current individual and collective grasp.

On the occasion of the release of Kenzo's Memento N°4 Collection, which commemorates Kenzo Takada's love for tomatoes, we were commissioned by Kenzo to develop a culinary concept.

Whatever place you want to give to the tomato, there’s no overlooking this simple but high-impact ingredient in the culinary universe. Big or small, fresh or tinned, cooked or raw, tomatoes are among the hardest workers in the fruit and vegetable world, forming an integral part of countless cuisines throughout history.

Like the Memento N°4 Collection, we too wanted to give the tomato a moment and a place to shine by crafting an entire menu united by this star ingredient.

Conceptualizing not only a plate but a complete menu around a single product has pushed us to redouble our creativity and to step out of a certain comfort zone by pushing our limits and those of an ingredient so common and yet so rich.

We played with the simplicity of sweetness and the contradictory complexity of acidity, resulting in a menu that was both surprising and full of flavor.

Fun, whimsical, yet practical - the tomato never disappoints.


SATWA is a vibrant district, one of the oldest in Dubai, away from the gleaming skyscrapers and facades of glass that have become synonymous with the fast-growing metropolis. Noisy, chaotic, and always busy no matter what time of day, Satwa is the real heartbeat of Dubai.

You could stroll down this street and browse shop after shop of Indian, Pakistani and Arab delicacies, or take in the array of goods, from sun-umbrellas to bejeweled phone covers, that line the store windows.

Or you could stop by for a quick munch at one of the many local cafeterias and gaze at the incredible hive of activity around you.


Discover Fud Läb seasonal researches and experiments through our Supper Club. Embark on this journey with us as we explore techniques and flavors from across space and time.

The Supper Club is a modern take on fine dining in a relaxed, intimate and informal atmosphere.


Located in Bernapark, the terrace Waaghüsli by Fud Läb proposes apéro, afterwork drinks and a small but delicious food offering in a friendly atmosphere.


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Fud Läb is a culinary research and experimentation studio aimed at exploring the relationship we have with food and creating moments of encounter by sharing the results of its work. The Fud Läb team imagines ways for people to interact by designing events through a multi-sensory and multidisciplinary approach.


Michael, Yannick and Yannis, three passionate souls with complementary skills, are stimulated by the idea of bringing people together around artistic and culinary works or events.

Michaël is a chef and F&B consultant. He studied at the Institut Paul Bocuse in Lyon and worked in various Michelin starred restaurants across Europe for ten years. In parallel with Fud Läb, he also works as executive chef for events for Hermès group in the MENA region (Middle East, North Africa).

Yannick studied multi-media design in Switzerland. He created immersive experiences through installations, events and multimedia art for cultural institutions and brands such as Cartier, Puma, and Axe, amongst others. Yannick brings the creative and conceptual lens to Fud Läb's experiments.

Yannis combines his passion for cooking with his management skills, honed as a trainer, coach and quality manager in the fund-raising field.

It's with enthusiasm and a can-do spirit that he completes the team. Yannis is also a musician and still works as a corporate coach.


  • Creation and development of F&B concepts
  • Pop-up restaurants
  • Culinary research
  • Event organization and production
  • Experiential marketing
  • Consulting
  • Workshops


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