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The Fud Läb kitchen trailer offers a complete and mobile kitchen logistics solution. With more than 30m2 of professionally equipped surface, the trailer allows a great flexibility as much by its space, the material at disposal as by its mobility.

Equipped with a gas and electricity connection (32 or 64 amps), a walking fridge of about 9m3, as well as a covered hydraulic platform allowing an easy access and an additional working surface. This work tool is multi-functional and lends itself to any type of event.

The kitchen can be rented with or without a kitchen crew. More information in the PDF below.


  • Gaz stove 6 burners + Electric oven
  • Gaz flat top smooth plancha
  • Salamander double heating zone
  • Double gaz fryer 14L + 14L
  • Hot pass with undercounter plates hot cabinet 2 slinding doors
  • Hot double shelve bridge
  • Electric Combi oven 6 trays Gn1/1 connected to water
  • Oven stand + double rack Gn 1/1
  • Undercounter fridge Gn1/1  2 doors + 2 drawers (volume 224L)
  • Extraction hood stainless steel / filter typeB


  • Working table + left side sink and undercounter shelve
  • Undercounter fridge Gn1/1  4 doors (volume 443L)
  • Hanging sliding doors cabinet
  • Cold pass with 2 undercounter shelves
  • Standing Freezer Gn 2/1 (650L)
  • Blast freezer 6 Gn trays 1/1
  • Working station cabinet 2 sliding doors and 3 drawers
  • Hanging sliding doors cabinet
  • Customized walking fridge ( around 9m3 )
  • Handwash sink
  • Ice cube machin 30kg capacity